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Old 16-03-2010, 11:52 AM
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Francine will become famous soon enough
steve mc knight. Has anyone benefitted from hearing his seminars?

any been to hear to wanting to hear steve mc knight.did u benefit alot.

this is his line up for his coming seminar which he charges 500 for 2 tickets so 2 people can go with that.

Peter Daniels
Yes! We've got him back!

Last year's most popular presenter has agreed to return with three new presentations to inspire you to greatness, and revel many of his tips for financial success. Mr. Daniels will be presenting new information, including how to use gold, silver and precious metals to accelerate your wealth creation. Don't miss this!

Peter Koulizos - Property Hotspotting
Discover which states and suburbs are about to boom! Peter Koulizos reveals the science of what causes property values to accelerate at above-average rates, and pinpoints what States and suburbs will be hot spots in the months ahead.

Mark Rolton - Property Options
Brand new for conference - Mark Rolton will explain how he uses property options to make large lump sum gains. This strategy is ideal for those with those short on capital who want creative ideas for getting into the market and making quick cash profits.

Tommy Senatore - 18% 'Lazy Returns'
Discover how Aussie investors can access up to 18% returns from the comfort of their computer screen buying super-safe US tax liens. I've been doing this for six months now and can testify that it is the safest and simplest way I've ever found to get easy returns that are secured by real estate.

Stuart Wemyss - Super Property Ideas
Chartered accountant and financial planner Stuart Wemyss will be running a workshop that explains how you can borrow money and gain significant tax breaks when buying property in your superannuation fund. Essential information for those aged 45+.

Colin McIlfatrik - Beating The Banks
Colin McIlfatrik is a finance industry stalwart. With over 20 year's experience, Colin will explain how to get the most finance possible using sustainable borrowing strategies in the post-GFC climate. Must-attend session if you plan to borrow or refinance in the next six months.

Simon Buckingham - Submitting Offers That Sizzle
RESULTS Mentoring Coach Simon Buckingham will present a brand new session on how to structure and submit offers to buy property. Find out how to negotiate thousands off the asking price, and how to protect yourself with savvy clauses. Perfect for first-time investors.

Alan Bertocco - Tips From An Independent Valuer
Registered valuer Alan Bertocco reveals how valuers analyse potential projects as he provides powerful and practical tips for all investors. Alan will also explain how to assess projects in order to determine whether a deal is a dud or a diamond in the rough. Essential information for advanced investors and property developers.

Lewis O'Brien - A Walk On The Wild Side
Lewis is one of Australia's foremost legal minds when it comes to creative property transactions. In this session he will talk candidly about creative investing techniques like vendor finance and lease options. I wish this session was available when I started - I would have made more money, sooner!

Tyrone Hyde - Depreciation Tax Breaks
Why pay more tax than you have to? Tyrone, an experienced quantity surveyor, explains how you can access handy depreciation tax incentives... even if you didn't build the property! This session is sure to expand your knowledge and horizons by equipping you to be a smarter and more profitable investor.

In addition to the new speakers, many of your favourites return, including:

Dean Parker (reno expert)
Carly Crutchfield (property developing)
Mark Unwin (expert property accountant)
Katrina Maes (home staging)
James Thorpe (leading real estate agent)
Brendan Kelly (RESULTS Mentoring Coach)
And many, many more (including me, of course!)
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Old 16-03-2010, 12:14 PM
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cu@thetop has a brilliant futurecu@thetop has a brilliant futurecu@thetop has a brilliant futurecu@thetop has a brilliant futurecu@thetop has a brilliant futurecu@thetop has a brilliant futurecu@thetop has a brilliant futurecu@thetop has a brilliant futurecu@thetop has a brilliant futurecu@thetop has a brilliant futurecu@thetop has a brilliant future
Many of the usual suspects but I expect you may learn something if you go- whether it is worth $500 is another story.

Looks like a one stop shop for mutual referrals for all of your property needs. What can be simpler?

Probably not for me. Too many big fish from the info entertainment seminar/book/workshop crowd for small fry like me
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Old 16-03-2010, 01:26 PM
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vincenzo has much to be proud ofvincenzo has much to be proud ofvincenzo has much to be proud ofvincenzo has much to be proud ofvincenzo has much to be proud ofvincenzo has much to be proud ofvincenzo has much to be proud ofvincenzo has much to be proud of
What cu@thetop said.

There's so much to read for free, from places like this forum, or you can even borrow a book from a library for free, instead of buying the same book on the net.

I also don't trust the teachings of anyone that is involved with selling what they are preaching about.
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